ABRA Transformation Engine (ABRA TE) is a software library designed for efficient processing of electronic reports. It supports software developers in e-report creation, extraction and analysis compliant to XBRL standards.

Right now, millions of XBRL documents are processed powered by ABRA TE every year. Take advantage of reliable and extensive functions offered by our certified software engine!

4 Million Processed Reports

> 4 Mio. e-reports processed every year

Large processed documents

Largest, processed document in 2023 (4.052.176 Kilobyte)

36 XBRL Standards Covered

Covered XBRL standards – officially certified by XBRL International

Available since 2006

Years on the market – available since 2006


ABRA TE is a core technology for automated creation and processing of company reports based on XBRL standards. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) standards facilitate data exchange of electronic reports.

Software components which implement XBRL standards, are also known as XBRL processors. ABRA TE is (amongst others) applicable as an XBRL processor. For this purpose, it assures 100% compliance to all implemented standards and conformance suites and allows for in-depth validity checking of XBRL documents.

Nevertheless, it is not limited to validation purpose in the scope of data exchange. Additionally, it offers extensive functionality to automate processing steps both for:

  • filing creation and submission
  • as well as report analysis

The range of functions covers requirements from various processing steps. The following list provides an overview of typical processing requirements that are supported with ABRA TE.

Covered application areas

  • Project preparation
  • Testing
  • XBRL validation
  • XBRL report creation
  • Filing submission
  • XBRL extraction
  • Analysis
  • Transformation to other formats
  • XBRL visualisation
  • XBRL taxonomy management

The design of individual processes usually varies depending on requirements of its application areas. With ABRA TE, your custom requirements can be implemented in a highly efficient and flexible way.



XBRL Database Embedded

The global transparency requirements for reporting are steadily increasing. For this development no end is foreseeable. This impacts the technical infrastructure for XBRL processing in many application areas.


In order to fulfil all requirements in a sustainable and future-proof way, ABZ has developed its own NoSQL database, explicitly specialized in XBRL data processing. The database is embedded in our XBRL processor software and its API is abstracted from the underlying highly sophisticated storage and indexing models. Hence its usage is still as simple as primitive XBRL implementations.

Database characteristics

  • Maximum Scalability
    • Extremely low memory consumption large documents
    • Processing in secondary or main memory
  • High Performance / high throughput
    • Transparent indexing optimized for XBRL data
    • Parallel access and navigation through XBRL data model
    • Efficient utilisation of multiple CPUs
    • Even on off-the-shelf hardware
  • No installation / no maintenance costs
  • No complex mapping to relational tables
  • Integrated search engine



ABRA TE is certified by XBRL International as a fully XBRL compliant software. Our software is amongst a few “full house” certified software products. See certification matrix

Supported XBRL standards

  • XBRL Core
  • XBRL Dimensions
  • Inline XBRL – iXBRL
  • Report Packages
  • Taxonomy Packages
  • XBRL Formula
  • XBRL Table Linkbase
  • Conformance Suites
  • …and much more


For decision makers

Certified by XBRL International

Certified by XBRL International/

ABRA TE is certified by XBRL international for its proven processing reliability.
The software is maintained by ABZ Reporting since the year 2006. With more then 30 releases in the past 5 years, the software is actively developed while still keeping backward compatibility for our customers.

Tested by many users

Proven for relevant application domains/

Our XBRL processor is proven by many customers for different purposes. For creators of XBRL filings and for receivers providing filing platforms, it was proven to be reliable in customer applications involving several hundreds of thousands end users.

Various XBRL Standards

Pick your standard/

More than 30 standards from the XBRL family are implemented and supported. The software even helps in detecting relevant standards of applied XBRL taxonomies.

Exclusive support

Exclusive support/

When using ABRA you get support directly from the developers of the product. We provide code snippets and consulting based on our knowledge of many XBRL application domains.

Various licencing

Licensing options/

Our software is available under multiple licensing models. We provide server licenses for large and powerful high volume processing and runtime (OEM) licenses for in smooth integration into your software products. Software escrow is an optional service to all licensing models.

For developers

Many choices

Programmers choice/

ABRA TE is available for Java and .NET giving the developer the freedom of choice.



ABRA TE validates small document in milliseconds while still scales to multi gigabyte documents with the power of parallel processing.

Small memory footprint

Low memory/

ABRA TE has the ability to load xbrl data into an embedded NoSQL database loading huge taxonomies with 100MB of RAM. The same approach can be used to handle gigabyte size filings with a standard desktop computer.



We believe in continuos integration. Every change in ABRA is tested with ten thousands of automated tests making every release rock solid. Furthermore we execute the same process which is done for XII certification with every release.

Offline usage

Offline usage/

ABRA can cache taxonomy schemas for offline processing. It is proven in security critical environments where internet access is restricted.

Full access

Full access/

With ABRA TE you have the full access to all properties of your documents.If your filing requirement goes beyond the standard XBRL properties you can access or modify down even down to the underlying XML.



Get Star
Self-inflating project for your IDE

Self-inflating project for your IDE/

With a blink of an eye our quick start project downloads real world XBRL data from the web and builds a working project for Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, VisualStudio or any compatible Java or .NET IDE.

Example code ready for your use case

Example code ready for your use case/

With a wide variety of real world example we can get you started in no time. And if there are any questions our developers will answer you directly.

18 June

ABRA TE 3.15.1 Release

Version 3.15.1 of ABRA TE for Java or .NET is now available for download! This release improves our taxonomy documentation if the taxonomy contains xBRL

27 March

ABRA TE 3.15.0 Release

Version 3.15.0 of ABRA TE for Java or .NET is now available for download! This release adds support for the Report Package 1.0 specification as

19 February

ABRA TE 3.14.2 Release

Version 3.14.2 of ABRA TE for Java or .NET is now available for download! This release again fixes several problems with parallel execution of xBRL

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+49 6151 957579 0


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