ABRA TE 3.8 Release

Version 3.8 of ABRA TE for Java or .NET is now available for download!

We are delighted that our release 3.8 passed the yearly certification by xBRL International – as always – without any problems. Additionally the modules “Report and Taxonomy Packages v1.0” and “Units Registry v1.0” were added to the certification list. The two remaining modules “Extensible Enumerations v1.0” and “Extensible Enumerations v2.0” are included in this release, too. They will be added with the next certification. As a further highlight we increased xBRL Formula Assertions and xBRL Table Linkbases processing performance one more time significantly. For our next release we are ready for action with the new OIM Standard. We are just waiting for OIM to move to “Recommendation”, which we anticipate for October.

A more detailed list of improvements can be found under https://releases.abz-reporting.com/abra/3.8/abra-3.8-changelog.txt